Pokemon Divergent Powers Tins Hisuian Deciduye V Sanurott V & Typhlosion V 17.06.2022

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                                                                                                     Release date 17/06/22

Hailing from the ancient region of Hisui, a trio of partner Pokémon with unique strengths are eager to join your deck! With this Divergent Powers Tin, you can choose the keen eye of Hisuian Decidueye V, the fearsome flames of Hisuian Typhlosion V, or the shadowy blades of Hisuian Samurott V, and then find even more useful Pokémon and Trainer cards in a handful of Pokémon TCG booster packs.

•Pick Grass/Ghost-type Decidueye V, the Fire-type Typhlosion V, or the Water-type Samurott V.
•Each of these colourful tins includes a handful of Pokémon TCG treasures.
•Take the next step up in your game with the Divergent Powers Tin.

• 1 of 3 Foil Promo Cards
• 4 x Booster Packs
• 1 x Code Card